Why Men have Extramarital Affairs

Why Men have Extramarital Affairs?

Abhay and Priya tied the wedding knot on January 2008. They were a happy couple, blessed with two beautiful daughters. They were an example of perfect couple among their friends, family, and relatives. Abhay is a successful businessman and Priya is a fashion designer.

After their 9th anniversary, Priya started observing some changes in Abhay’s behavior. He used to get back late from his usual working hours. He wasn’t even giving time to Priya on weekends. He started speaking lies and hiding things from Priya. All these sudden changes were unacceptable by her and these uninvited changes ruined their relationship. Soon Priya came to know about Abhay’s affair with his colleague. She was shocked, angry, depressed and heartbroken. Their happy married life got destroyed and this had a very bad impact on their daughters!

Reasons why men have extramarital affairs:

why men have extramarital affairs

1.The entry of an ex.

He saw her in a cafe after 8 years. His heartbeat increased! He couldn’t stop himself from meeting her. They both were again attracted towards each other. All those old good memories got refreshed. And they started meeting again and again!

2.Got married in the early ’20s.

why men have extramarital affairs marriedwomendiaries

He didn’t get the time to make any girlfriend and enjoy love dates. As he finished his graduation, he got married to the girl of his parent’s choice in the early ’20s. So, he wanted to enjoy dating and flirting in his middle age and bring some light to his dull life.

3.Need some fun in sex!

Sleeping with the same lady has become like a punishment to him. He wanted to bring some fun and excitement in his sex life.

4.Got bored of the routine life.

why men have extramarital affairs

He was fucking bored with his routine life. So, to break the monotony and add on some spices he started flirting and dating with one of his colleagues.

5. Wife stopped loving the way as earlier!

He’s not getting the same love and care from his wife anymore. She is giving more time to her work and children and least concerned about him. He felt neglected at times. That’s why he finds it right to look for love and happiness outside his marriage life. It all started with casual flirting, then random dates and a finally serious extramarital affair.

Whatever the reason is! It’s totally wrong to have an extramarital affair or cheat your partner. Every relation suffers from a bad phase. All you need is to discuss things with your partner and fix the issues! Because forgiving or rebuilding the trust is really a difficult thing to do.

why men have extramarital affairs