Why Girls Mature faster than Boys ?

Why Girls Mature faster than Boys?

We all have heard this saying “Ladkiya jaldi badi ho jati hai“. But did we ever thought why God is being so partial with boys when it comes to maturity? Why do boys mature at a slower rate than girls? Why girls are so blessed to achieve maturity earlier than boys?

We are living in such a world that the parents of a 6 year (or you can say 6 months) old daughter are scared to leave her alone in the garden to play. If anything wrong happens with a girl, people start blaming her parents for not taking her safety precautions, not explaining to their girl that she is living in a Man’s world.

Maturity not only comes with age but actually, it comes with experiences or challenges one faced in his/her life. And in our country, only girls are blessed with harsh experiences. These harsh experiences offered by our so-called society makes girls mature faster than boys.

Since the day a girl is born, she is told that one day she has to marry and go to her ‘Sasural‘. A home full of strangers. This is what we are following since generations and she also has to follow this trend. That’s why, she should be responsible enough to manage the whole house, put everyone else’s need before hers, should have decision-making skills, educated enough so that her education could be a help in the worst situation, control her emotions and reactions, etc. All these things create an unsaid burden or pressure in her sub-conscious mind about which she herself is not aware of.

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Girls are taught to ‘act mature’ at a very early age. They are taught so many things by their parents and family members in the childhood which a boy is not even aware of.  A big list of Do’s and Don’ts is always attached to her, wherever she goes, whatever move she makes in her life. She is forced to learn to sit with “tehjeeb”, legs closed at an age when she should live like a free bird.

An 18 years old boy acting childish and immature is acceptable.

A 15 years old girl acting childish, immature is scolded.

The parents always expect their daughter to be more responsible than their son.  This is the reason that they trust their 12-year-old daughter to babysit their 4-year-old kid.

girls mature faster than boys marriedwomendiaries

At a soft age of six, seven or eight, girls are taught various etiquettes, act and behave in such a manner which is non-objectionable and acceptable by society.  She is taught to take care of her bra- straps even before her breast develops.

The major reason why girls mature faster than boys is also her monthly menstruation cycle.  The menstruation cycle gives the first real responsibility towards herself. Girls are taught to hide this natural and biological thing from others, especially from the males, even if the cramps are killing her.

The marriage norm followed by our society that boys should marry a girl who is a couple of years younger than him proves the fact that girls mature faster than Boys. We don’t find this awkward when we see a 20-year girl dating a 26-year boy because we believe they are emotionally equally mature. On the contrary, if we see a girl dating a boy 10 years younger than her, we find it against our social and cultural norms. The reactions of fans and critics on social media on the wedding of Priyanka Chopra (35 years)and her boyfriend Nick Jonas (25 years) proves the same.

girls mature faster than boys marriedwomendiaries

In 2019, Girls do have the right to enjoy their lives but in certain limits, aren’t supposed to cross their limit line set by the society. She has the full authority to decide her career, but she has to take care of the household chores while she studies or work. She has the right to choose her life partner but her choice should also meet society’s standards and family status. And if her married life doesn’t go well with the man of her choice, everyone gets the right to blame her throughout life. She has the complete freedom to travel anywhere but she herself has to take care of her safety.  She is allowed to socialize but not expected to be rude or arrogant with the person she doesn’t even like. She is allowed to wear clothes of her choice but they shouldn’t expose her body parts. This is how girls have achieved freedom in 2019.

girls mature faster than boys marriedwomendiaries

The surroundings, family, society and of course genetics are the reasons that girls mature faster than boys.