Valentine Week List 2019

Valentine Week – Week for Lovers

It’s February- the loveliest month of the year! The month filled with love and joy. This love month has a Valentine week which is the most romantic week of this loveliest month. I know you are all set and excited to celebrate this Valentine week with zeal and passion. Some of us celebrate this week with the same person every year but some of the naughty ones hunt for the new ones and change their partners every year. LOL! Well, this totally your personal choice and decision but I would recommend you to stay loyal with your partner. You can keep changing your partner (without hurting other’s feelings & sentiments) till you find your true love. But once you find your love of life, stay loyal to him/her. Because if you aren’t loyal to your partner, your love is not true!

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Why Valentine Week is Important?

Love is such a beautiful feeling which cannot be expressed in just one day or a week. Although, an entire life will be short if it comes to showing love and affection. This week gives a great opportunity to one-sided lovers to express their feelings to the one they love. And the couples to express their love with the whole heart.

Lovers wait for valentine week for the whole year. From the beginning of January, they keep on planning so many things to make this week more special and memorable so that it is remembered for years. As we all know, Valentine week starts with Rose Day, followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Bear Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and finally Valentine Day. Across the globe, a lot of efforts and arrangements are made by the lovers for the Valentine week.

Valentine Week: Love Date Sheet 2019

You might have forgotten your exam date sheet and I am sure nobody ever forgot love date sheet. So, here is the Valentine Week Sheet for 2019 lovers:

Valentine Week List valentine week marriedwomendiaries

Make your Valentine Week Special

Rose Day (7th Feb): The week starts with Rose Day and flowers speak the language of Love. You can buy a bunch of fresh flowers and gift it to your soul mate. You can also surprise your partner by sending his/her favorite flowers to his/her workplace or home.


valentine week propose day marriedwomendiariesPropose Day (8th Feb): You’ve already done preparation to propose your mate a day before. If you have a crush on someone, this day is meant for you only! Propose him/her in the most romantic way you can with true feelings and words straight from your heart.


chocolate day valentine week marriedwomendiariesChocolate Day (9th Feb): This day is perfect for sweets lovers. Grab a box of Dairy Milk or Ferrero Rocher and send it to your partner. If you aren’t able to send chocolates, you can send your love messages full of sweetness to your loved ones.


teddybear day valentine week marriedwomendiariesTeddy Day:(10th Feb) Girls love soft toys and a teddy bear is the most lovable soft toy. Cute teddy bears are available in Archies, Hallmark and other gift shops of the local market. You can gift her a teddy bear of her favorite color which she can cuddle dreaming of you.


promise day valentine week marriedwomendiariesPromise Day (11th Feb): On this day, you can exchange and make promises for a lifetime. Promise to stay together in any circumstances or situation, promise to be loyal forever, promise to respect each other’s feelings, promise to love each other till last breath, etc. Also, you can make some naughty promises too!

hug day valentine week marriedwomendiariesHug Day (12th Feb): Give a warm and tight hug to your partner and tell him/her, you are always by side.



kiss day Valentine week marriedwomendiariesKiss Day (13th Feb): The name says it all! Guys, kiss her on the forehead as it signifies care and affection. Girls can be wild with their partner.


valentine day valentine week marriedwomendiariesValentine’s Day (14th Feb): A lot of arrangements are made by various restaurants and cafes to make your valentine eve special. Candlelight dinner, light music, flowers, and balloon decoration and food of your favorite cuisine with your soul mate can make your day more special. If you have not celebrated any of the other listed days, this day will compensate to all. You can express your love with an open heart and spend quality time with your partner.

” Anti-Valentine ” Week

The month doesn’t end on 14th February! So, what next? All these days aren’t meant for you? Ohh.. Are you Single or Heart-broken? We have other days too just for you!

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We all have heard about valentine week But now, I’ll make you aware of some other good days which come after valentine week. The week after Valentine Week- “AntiValentine Week” is dedicated to Singles and heart-broken lovers and it starts after love and romance is over. The “Anti-Valentine Week” starts with Slap Day (15th February), Kick Day (16th February), Perfume Day (17th February), Flirting Day (February 18), Confession Day (February 19), Missing Day February 20 ), Breakup Day (February 21).

The celebration days begins with Rose Day and ends with Break-up Day. Each and every day of life is meant to live and enjoy.

In this month of February, we should spread love, peace, and happiness everywhere and make our lives, our loved one’s lives happier and brighter.