Traveling with a kid: Mummy Daddy Me Time

Traveling with a kid: Mummy Daddy & Me Time!

OH! WAW I mean are we ready to do that. Should we go in a group? Why so many questions on our mind when it comes to traveling with a kid. I mean kids are just so portable we can take them anywhere we want at this Lil age. After making 3trips with my Lil daughter I can finally speak on her behalf mom it was such a wonderful mummy daddy me time.

Vacation plans ( WAW all the busy bee daddy’s finally got some time and answer the call ‘family calls ‘) my first trip wid my Lil munchkin was to the U.S. Oh, it’s all still fresh in my mind. Apart from keeping a check on diapers, medicines, extra clothes for the flight, her toys, baby food, baby toiletries, etc, etc … We have much more to carry with us.

Let me share some coolest ideas with u Mommies here : 

Hello parents! The first thing u really need to carry with u all is Patience. Be prepared for unexpected. For example: if your baby is a water lover then he /she might want to spend the entire journey of the flight playing with water in the washroom. All u can do about it is Simply Nothing.

Going abroad waw this one much required. Our babies are the ultimate iceboats – we ll find localities welcoming us with open arms and fingers ready to hit their cheek so Is my baby prepared to greet the localities there. Yes, the action of Hi5, handshake, aww flying kiss and at last bye, we need it all from those Lil’s hand.

We definitely need a kid-friendly hotel. But not always the idea of leaving your baby for a few hours with the nanny and partying outside is exciting. So choose well for yourself.

Of course, we all love shopping and especially when traveling abroad. We definitely need a picture-perfect family outfit, or a mother-daughter similar, father-son. Shopping for this will fill u up with excitement.

Travel light. Please don’t carry Baby strollers from India. You can always rent a stroller everywhere you go. Rather better to carry a baby carrier if traveling with an infant.

So now be prepared to give your baby the best of mummy daddy me fun-filled time. Imitate all activities of your baby and make the best of memories and have a wonderful time.