Plan a Low Budget Trip

How to Plan a Low Budget Trip?

We don’t need to win any lottery or break our Banks to see the world through our lens. Traveling costs money and nobody is going to gift us a limitless credit card or pay off our bills. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t travel to our dream destination. When it comes to traveling, the first thing that strikes in our mind is – “Budget”.  We usually drop our plans because the trip budget exceeds our planned budget. And of course, we don’t want to disturb our savings. Well, now you do not need to drop your plan to travel your dream destination. Here are 10 tested and useful tips to plan a Low Budget Trip.

9 Tips to Plan a Low Budget Trip

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1. Keep an eye on ticket fares

After deciding the destination, keep a close watch on the changing airfares. As soon as you get the cheap and best fares, buy your tickets! As early as you book the tickets, you can plan a Low Budget Trip.

2.Become your own Tour Agent

Please do not consult any tour or travel agent to plan your vacation. They will really plan the schedule hectic and expensive too. Spend some time on the internet and plan the complete trip on your own. Search for the must-visit places in the town, tourist spots and other nearby tourist attractions too. You can also contact the customer care team of any big tour and travel company like make my trip, Thomas Cook, Cox & Kings, etc and ask them to e-mail you the itinerary of your travel destination.  Accordingly, you can plan and make your own itinerary. Also, you can consult your friend or colleague who has visited your dream destination.

3. Do not go in Peak Season

Be it the hotel/hostel fare, airfare or anything, all the prices will be high in the peak season.  So, try not to travel in the peak season. You can plan your travel either just before the peak season or just after the peak season. So, this won’t give you the off-season traveler feel and also help you to plan a Low Budget Trip.


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4.  Stay in Zostel

Say No to luxurious 5-star Hotels with 24*7 facility. Zostel – Hostel for backpackers mark their presence in across 32 locations of India. If Zostel is not there in your dream destination, you can book an OYO room. Staying in the Zostel or OYO room will be a relaxation to your wallet and help you to plan a Low Budget Trip. Be smart while making the bookings, compare prices, read reviews, check ratings, check the distance of the hotel from the tourist spots and local bus stop too. If you cut down the expenses on accommodation, this is really going to be beneficial to plan a Low Budget Trip.

5.Explore the local Food

Every place has its own local cuisine. Taste the local street food and avoid going to restaurants with a high price menu. Eat fresh fruits instead of junk food. And make your trip healthier!

6. Use local transportation

Use local bus, train or auto-rickshaw while traveling in the local premises. Talk to the locals, they’ll guide you better than Google.  Choosing local transportation over expensive private cabs will help you to plan a Low Budget Trip.

plan a low budget trip marriedwomendiaries how to plan a low budget trip

7. Make prior bookings and avail online discounts

To book the tickets for the amusement park, Zoo or National Park, etc always prefer to book online. Because most of the times, we can get good offers on the website and great cash backs on different payment mode options too. If we buy the tickets from the ticket counter, they won’t offer any discount. I have experienced this thing in almost every place I have traveled so far.

8. Say No to Shopping

Girls go crazy when it comes to shopping! No matter wherever they go, they love to shop. But if you want to plan a Low Budget Trip, you have to keep your woman miles away from shopping. Otherwise, this is going to double your budget.

9. Pack your bags properly

No matter you are going on a short trip or long trip, do not forget to pack the essentials in your bag. Medical kit, hand sanitizer, enough pair of UG’s, comfy slippers or shoes, etc should be kept in mind while packing. Girls, if your biological clock is ticking on your travel dates, do not forget to pack tampons or sanitary pads. And Boys, if heavy Beard irritates you, pack your shaving kit too. Pack all the necessary stuff so you don’t need to shop while you are away.