No Cooking January- The Discount Trap

No cooking January- 50% OFF-The Discount Trap

Discount Trap: Zomato, Swiggy, Ubereats, Foodpanda, etc

You are having dinner with your family and suddenly an advertisement comes on the television which shows that a husband has not booked the gas cylinder because the food delivering apps are offering good discounts this month. And sarcastically, you look at your husband!


We all have seen such ads on television. Sometimes, it’s really very hard for us to stop ourselves from ordering mouth watering delicious food which is available at nominal price with zero delivery charges, and of course with great cash back offers too!

Long time back, there was a time when people prefer to go out for lunch and dinners to restaurants or Hotels on special occasions only like anniversaries or birthdays. But now, we youth go to cafes and restaurants based upon the discounts they offer. And every day, be it a weekday or weekend you can get good deals on Nearbuy or Zomato Gold (Buy 1, Get 1).,etc.We don’t have to wait for any special occasion to go to our favorite restaurant to eat that perfect delicious meal. From Breakfast to dinner, including sweets and desserts, you can get everything at your doorstep. Your mother, wife or sister need not to worry anymore about your food anymore. Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Foodpanda, etc are there to satisfy your hunger.

Food business has increased a lot after the birth of these online food delivery apps. Also, you do not need any physical cafe or restaurant to register with these food delivering apps. Recently, I came to know about one online Biryani restaurant- “Behroz Biryani”  which is listed on Swiggy and other food ordering apps but it provides doorstep delivery services in metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Mumbai and many more. Surprisingly, it does not have any physical outlet in any of these cities. The customers have given good reviews and ratings to this restaurant. Based upon the good customer ratings and reviews, it has made a tie-up with the cafeteria of good MN-C’s of the metro cities.

But the question arises, Why these restaurants are offering a discount on the discounted price? Are they really earning Profits? And the answer is YES! Even after offering a discount on the discounted price, they are earning good profits! For eg., Suppose a restaurant name “Laura’s Kitchen” has ladyfinger in its menu with the price Rs 180. And “Laura’s kitchen” is offering 30+20% discount on the weekend. So, the final price of Lady finger comes to Rs 100.4. Does a plate of ladyfinger actually cost Rs 100? Ladyfinger is easily available at Rs 30- 40 /kg in the local vegetable market. And if we cook at our home, it won’t cost more than Rs 60 anyhow.  But just because of the attractive offers, we are ordering it online.

Indians are quite obsessed with discounts. We tend to buy things which have attached a discount tag. Be it clothing, shoes, accessories, grocery or food! We always expect the seller to offer some discounts because when we buy things at a discounted price, it makes us happy and satisfied too.  Most of the times, we buy the things don’t require too, because they are at a discounted price today and tomorrow the offer won’t exist, Later, we realize that we have just wasted money on the least usage product. Same happens with food ordering  apps too.

We all are addicted to our mobile phones. A mobile phone is the first thing which we look up in the morning and the last thing when we sleep. A lot of people sleeps with the mobile phone on or under the pillow. From morning to evening or throughout the day, we get notifications like “Get Flat 100% cashback”, “Buy 2 at the cost of 1”, “Get 50% Off on First 5 orders”, etc. The addicted mobile users will see such notifications throughout the day, obviously, one day or another they will order food online and this results into compulsive buying/ordering.

homemade food

Is it really worth ordering food online or going out to eat OR is it better to eat a home-cooked meal?

Your mother has packed the lunch but Zomato is offering 50 percent off, that’s why we are not eating the home-cooked food and ordering online. This is what today’s generation, especially the teenagers are doing.  No matter how tasty a restaurant’s food is, it cannot beat home cooked food. The chefs use various spices, preserved sauces, artificial sweeteners and colors, white flour etc to make the food bit tastier which is not good for our health. Moreover, some restaurants also use same oil repeatedly for many days which may lead to increased cholesterol which is not at all good for our health. If we continue eating restaurant food and make it our habit, then sooner or later it will end up with quick weight gain, acidity, gas, appetite, and hunger problem.

We use our favorite spices in homemade food but we don’t have such a choice in the restaurant’s food. They cook food according to the recipe they have been using for so long. Be it a 3 star or 5-star restaurant, nobody can serve quality rich food as compared to the one which we cook at home.  The restaurant’s food is not fresh as compared to the home cooked food. And if we practically consider all the aspects, home cooked food is healthy, cheap, nutritious and safe to eat.

At last, what all I can say is East or West, Ghar ka Khana is the Best Home food rocks!!