Increasing Trend of Online Shopping in India

The Increasing Trend of Online Shopping in India

Smartphones have become as important as food in our lives. One can never get bored if he has a Smartphone in his hand and JIO internet in it. Now, we don’t need to carry our laptops everywhere, smartphones can be used as a substitute. The invention of music, gaming, food ordering, online shopping apps have increased the usage of smartphones. Or we can say vice-versa!

The credit of increasing trend of online shopping in India goes to smartphones which have tremendous features. Smartphones are available at affordable price and carrying a smartphone isn’t a big deal nowadays. Smartphones have made online shopping easy and convenient

The shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, eBay, Shopclues, etc are designed in such a way that they are very easy to access. One can make an online purchase very easily. Gone are the days, when people were scared of ordering things online.  Nowadays, from breakfast to Dinner, one can order food online at nominal prices with zero delivery charges. From Casual wear to Formal wear or Party Wear, a wide variety of options are available in Shopping Apps. One can explore such a wide variety of products by sitting in his comfort zone which can never be covered in a week if he makes a step out to the shopping mall. Smartphones have become our own personal Shopping Mall where we can also compare prices without wasting our car fuel.

Increasing Trend of Online Shopping in India

The heavy discounts and cash back offers available online can never be expected by a local seller. We have to spend a good time and energy to bargain from the local seller. Online Shopping at discounted price brings more happiness than shopping from physical outlets. The various discount schemes are one of the major reason behind the increasing trend of online shopping in India.  And this trend is expected to grow at a higher rate in the coming years.

The big e-commerce website/mobile apps don’t only allow the common people to shop from their websites./apps.  But they also allow local vendors/sellers to sell their products online by listing their products in the various categories available.  The secured online payment gateways are giving enough reasons to the young Indian buyers to shop online and sellers to sell their products/services online. Anyone can start making money online by listing their products on these big e-commerce portals and can reach thousands and lakhs of prospective buyers. A very less amount of investment is required for online start-up as compared to opening an offline store with physical inventory.

Increasing Trend of Online Shopping in India : Threat to Offline Retailers

The online stores are giving tough competition to offline retailers. With the increasing trend of online shopping in India, offline retailers are going through a very rough time. For the survival of offline retailers, the big dealers and distributors providing stock to online places need to check and control the prices and stock units supply. This can help in the fair play game. The business of small retailers has been hit very hard by online competition. The new age Indians are so much addicted to shopping at a discounted price that they don’t buy things from offline stores if they aren’t with discount tag. This has become a major problem for small entrepreneurs who run their business on a small margin. The increasing trend of online discounts is making things harder for traditional retailers.

Increasing Trend of Online Shopping in India

The smart young folks do visit the physical outlets to personally see a dozen of products and thoroughly inspect merchandise before making a purchase. And when they finally like a product, they compare the prices with the online retailers and end up making the purchase online. This usually happens with products of high prices like air conditioners, LED’s, refrigerators, expensive mobile phones, etc.

With the increasing trend of online shopping in India, every big or small offline business need to advertise and make its presence online as well. Then only they’ll be able to survive and give a tough fight to competitors.

 The theory of ‘survival to the fittest’ now applies to Business as well.