Does love happens only once in a lifetime?

Love happens only once in a lifetime...

The 90’s folks have definitely heard this famous dialogue of Bollywood’s Badshah – Shahrukh Khan- “Hum Ek bar jeete hai, Ek bar Marte hai, Shadi Bhi Ek bar Hoti Hai Aur Pyar Bhi Ek bar hi Hota Hai”.

love happens only once marriedwomendiaries

But is it true? Does love happens only once?

This whole universe revolves around love. Lord Krishna loved Radharani and married Rukmani. So, does it mean he loved Radharani only, not his wife Rukmani? As per Hindu Vedas, Lord Krishna has 16,000 wives. So, does he fell in love 16,000 times ??

If God fell in love so many times, why can’t we humans? After all, we all are his creation and he is the reason for our existence!

Everybody has a different love story. We cannot compare ourselves with God, but of course, we can follow his footsteps. (Wink-wink).

Now, let’s look at the practical aspect,

I dated a guy for 3 years and we both wanted to marry each other. But due to some family reasons, were not able to tie the wedding knot. I was heartbroken, sad and upset. He was too. Just imagining someone else over his place was unacceptable and annoying for me.

love happens just once

After a couple of months, my parents fixed my marriage with the boy of their choice, with my consent too. I thought I won’t be able to love him the way I loved my ex. But after a few days of getting formally engaged, I started liking him and we both developed a bond. After a few days of getting married, slowly and steadily I fell in love with him. Since then, we are a happily married couple and I love him more than anything in life. Not even once, I had a thought about being with my ex-boyfriend during these 6 years of married life. Isn’t it strange? The one you loved for 3 years doesn’t matter anything in your present.

This is life! We tend to move on with new hope, new people, new relationship and so on.

love happens only once

Not all the relationships or love affairs result in a happy ending. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot fall in love again! The concept of ‘Break-up party’ is also in trend nowadays. Because we all have realized the biggest truth that we have just gotta just one single life to live. So, why to waste it in grief or sorrow! Let’s enjoy each and every day of life!

After a good relationship and ugly breakup, some people give up on love while others move on to a new relationship, connect with a new partner with the hope of finding love, care, and happiness. While others bound themselves and do not allow anyone again to make a special place in their heart. The fear of getting hurt and the belief that love happens only once and they lost this chance in their life makes them do so.

Today’s youth and teenagers are treating love like any other commodity with various options available in the market.

ove happens only once

Shrey met a girl at a party. She was pretty, cute and sexy! Sheena was also attracted towards Shrey. They exchanged their numbers and started chatting overnight. Finally, their endless talks and dates converted into a relationship. They were so much in love that they couldn’t even imagine someone better than their beloved. They both were so passionate in love that they couldn’t resist without meeting each other daily.

love happens only once marriedwomendiaries

But after a few months, their love graph started falling. Their physical and emotional needs were satisfied and their relationship lost its fragrance. They began to fight on small things and their relationship became bitter. Finally, they both decided to have break-up and move on.

love happens just once marriedwomendiaries

Shrey started drinking in pubs and bar and again he met a beautiful girl on Saturday eve.

This is love for today’s generation. Attachment and detachment, Togetherness and Separation are very easy things to do for today’s youth. In this complex world of love and breakups, Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue: “ Love happens only once in a lifetime” lost its meaning and value.

The heart can fall in love. The heart can get hurt and broken. The heart can stitch its broken pieces and get heal. The heart can again fall in love!

A friend of mine says that he can love more than one girl at the same time with equal intensity. Isn’t this sounds strange? Is it really possible? This statement of him made me believe that that love is actually a very dangerous game! That’s why people call it “falling in love” rather than “rising in love“.

There is no as such fixed no. of times one can fall in love. Love can happen twice, thrice or so on.., depending upon one’s situation, loyalty, deepness, devotion and yes, willingness! Despite the no. of times one fall in love, this is for sure that nobody can forget his/her first love.

love happens only once

Guys How many times have you fallen in love? Please be honest this time! Do share your experiences/ number of times you fell in love on the ‘Leave a reply’ section just below! Looking forward to read some interesting stories!