The life of a woman changes drastically after she ties the wedding knot – 7 Phere” Though all the changes are not bad, there are good changes too! And I am in love with this newly changed life. Here, we will share the good changes which come in every newly married women life and of course, we will share the bad things too!


married women

Gone are the days when women were not allowed to work after marriage, have to take permission with their in-laws to visit their parents home, all they have to do is cooking and clearing the mess, Blah…. Blah..!

Today’s married women are independent, confident and strong enough to take their own decisions. They can easily manage housework and office work. They do not have to give up on their career aspirations just because they are married.

Here I will share the Blogs based on my personal experiences, my views, and thoughts, current issues prevailing in the society, my travel stories, etc.