7 Things Every Dusky Woman Hates to Hear

7 Things Every Dusky Woman Hates to Hear

 Shades of Beauty: Dusky Complexion

every dusky woman hates to hear marriedwomendiaries

Indians are so much obsessed with fair skin tone and especially when it comes to women. Women are judged on the basis of their color. If a woman has a fair skin tone, it means she is beautiful. The life of a dusky woman isn’t easy in India. If a woman has dusky complexion, each and every single relative of the family keeps worrying about her marriage. As if getting married is one and the only goal of her life or only fair girls are eligible for marriage! Since her birth, people around her give suggestions on how to get fair skin. Ladies around her tell about various home remedies and beauty tips to make skin fair and bright. Some people also make her fun and taunt about her dusky complexion. Every dusky woman hates to hear such not-required suggestions and taunts. All these non-sense talks bring negativity and inferiority complex in her. And sometimes, she loses her confidence and becomes a depression patient.

every dusky woman hates to hear marriedwomendiaries

In our country, only the girls with fair skin color are considered beautiful. And especially when it comes to marriage. Every single mother of a groom-to-be is looking for a fair girl to make her ‘Bahu’. Even though the color of his son is dark. But still, she wants a fair ‘Bahu’.  Qualification, inner beauty, family values, professional degree, job designation, etc everything is considered second. The skin color becomes the first parameter to judge a girl for marriage. This can be easily seen in any middle class or upper-middle class family of our country.

Here is the List of 7 Things Every Dusky Woman Hates to Hear

every dusky woman hates to hear marriedwomendiaries


1.Apply some Haldi Besan on your face

2. Who will marry you?

3. Are you from the South?

4. You should cover your face when you go out.

5. You should visit Salon frequently

6. Yellow Sari and Red Lipstick are not meant for you

7. You don’t even need sunscreen, so lucky you are!


Is it Right to Judge Someone on the Basis of His/ Her Skin Color?

Absolutely NO! Be it a boy or a girl, nobody should be judged or discriminated on the grounds of color, race, sexuality, physique, etc. Obviously, the outer beauty will fade over a period of time. Like other things, physical beauty is not permanent. Moreover, the physical appearance can be changed through many ways like cosmetic surgery, putting heavy make-up on face, visiting makeover beauty salons, hiring image consultants, etc.

If you ask a man what he finds beautiful about a woman, probably he’ll describe some physical traits like big eyes, long hairs, pretty face, 36-24-36 figure, sexy butts, etc. And if you ask a girl what she finds sexy about a man, probably she’ll begin with tall, strong, good abs and muscles, athletic persona, etc. Most of us will consider physical characteristics while describing the beauty of the opposite gender.

Our physical looks solely depend upon our DNA programming, the genes which have been passed since generations. But isn’t it wrong that we are letting genes arrangement/sequencing concept to define beauty? Outer beauty is temporary and will fade with the wrinkles, inner beauty is long lasting.

Physical attractiveness plays a major role in describing beauty but just for a short span of time. A person who is gentle, kind, generous, trustworthy, friendly, and helpful but with a “not-much-good-looking” appearance is much more beautiful than the one who looks attractive but holds evil thoughts, speak lie on every single thing, deceits everyone. If you don’t have good looks or a pretty face, be beautiful from inside. Because that’s what really matters.

Ram Bhi kaale krishna bhi kaale,  Unhi se hai Sansaar ye

Fir bhi aaj bhi Insaan Dekh na Saka, Rang Roop ke Paar