5 Unique Birthday/Anniversary Surprise Ideas For Him

5 Unique BirthDay/Anniversary surprise ideas for Him

We all love surprises! Especially, if it is a special day like birthday or anniversary, good surprises can make the occasion more thrilling and exciting. Generally, we talk about gifts, party, small get together with friends and family, etc but we hardly think about surprises. Because we know it really takes a lot of effort and time to plan that perfect surprise which actually surprises our loved ones. But at the end, it’s worth! Because good surprises can create everlasting beautiful memories. Those memories which we cherish forever and ever, till our last breath!

I still remember, 2 years back my husband planned an amazing surprise party on my birthday when I was a newlywed bride. Those memories are still fresh in my mind and I cannot forget that party as it was simply ‘awesome’! This year, I will try to do something more exciting and surprising on his birthday. Hope he doesn’t read this!

Surprises actually leave a strong impact on one’s mind and heart. You can relate the same with yourself. If anybody has ever given you a surprise on your Birthday, Graduation day, Christmas Eve, New year Eve, April fool day or any other random day, you will always remember the same thing which happened years back on that particular day. This is very natural and obvious!

I am sure you guys have experimented various surprises and you are still thinking what next. That’s the reason you are here! I am not in the mood of telling you those old tricks like throwing a surprise party or giving gifts equivalent to age, etc as many of us have done that before (including me). LOL!  I’ll share some of the unique ways to give a great surprise to your loved ones, which they have never expected and experienced before. And I hope this would be remembered for years. Here the short list goes:

1.Jab We Met


After spending a good relationship with your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife,  how many moments or places you actually remember? If I am not wrong, we usually don’t remember each and every place but yeah, of course, we remember the place where we first met.

So, you might be thinking what’s the idea or plan? Smart ones have already made a guess. But still, guys go with the flow and do not skip reading this point.

On a special day, be it his birthday or anniversary, take him to the place where you both first met. You can also blindfold your partner, this will be more romantic! If you have first met him on a beach, blindfold him and take him to the beach for a short walk. Well, it could turn into a long walk too! Talk about all those things whatever happened on your first meet day. Re-live all those beautiful memories and build the new ones too.

2.Suprise him with unexplored photos


surprise him marriedwomendiaries

We all love to capture moments in our cellphones.  Many of us are addicted to photographing our lives as if somebody is going to make a documentary on it. But do we actually look back on each and every picture we click? We click 500 pictures on a 5-day trip and we just select 20- 25 (maximum) best pictures among them. And rest all the picture are left unexplored. Either we delete them or they are saved somewhere in our laptops or hard disk as we all face storage space issues in our phones.

So, what you can do is collect all those untouched pictures which you have clicked years back on your honeymoon or any other memorable trip. You can also ask his old school friends, neighbors, siblings and parents to find such pictures. Make a beautiful collage of it and place it on the wall facing the bed. When your husband will get up in the morning, he will be surprised by these uncensored memories. This will make his day awesome.

3. Personalized Newspaper

surprisehim marriedwomendiaries

Many of us start our day with a newspaper and hot tea or coffee. Just imagine, your spouse woke up after a good sleep and he is rubbing his eyes with the newspaper in his hand. Suddenly he gets shocked to see his picture along with the news of his birthday published on the front page of the local newspaper. Just imagine the scenario! He won’t be able to understand how come this happened. And how come he became a celebrity of the day! Why the newspaper Editor has printed news about his birthday that too on the headline of the front page. Trust me guys, this is really going to be very exciting. What all you have to do is, get a personalized newspaper printed from the market or you can also order it online. Place it along with the daily newspaper and pass on your birthday wishes with a small article written in the newspaper.

4. Sweet and Short Suprise Video

surprisehim marriedwomendiaries

Ask all his close friends, parents and siblings to make a short video (15-20 second video) expressing their love and passing their birthday wishes to him and send back to you. Combine all those short videos, including your own video into 1 video with soothing background effects and music. This can be easily done with any video editor tool, software or App available over the Internet. Shoot an e-mail while he is working in the office and call him to check his Inbox. This will bring a relaxation in his busy and hectic schedule. And of course, a beautiful smile on his face. That’s what you crave for, his face filled with smile and happiness!  I always recommend this surprise to everyone and whosoever has tried this has thanked me later.

5. Handmade Gifts


surprisehim marriedwomendiaries

Handmade gifts are appreciated more than any other expensive gift bought from the market. Handmade gifts have a special feeling attached as they are made with lots of love, creativity and yeah off course, it takes a lot of time too! You can make a greeting card which looks like a paper suit- tuxedo with collar, tie, pocket and buttons on the front. This may seem to be difficult for you but it is actually not. I made the one for my husband on his last birthday and he just loved it! It’s really not at all difficult (not easy too) to make. And it doesn’t require much stuff as well. All you have to do is follow easy steps as shown in the video and approx 15-20 minutes. You can write hidden sweet and short messages inside this suit- tuxedo greeting card. And if you find this difficult or boring,  you can find various ideas of making the handmade gift from youtube or google too.“Google Baba” will definitely help you out.

Hope, you guys liked this short list of unique anniversary or birthday surprise ideas for him. And if you practically apply these ideas, do share your experiences. We would love to hear from you. And Yes, this list is not only meant for wives or girlfriends, but men can also show their love to their wives or girlfriends by following these above-mentioned ideas.