5 Things Every Bride-to-be Hate to Hear

Things Every Bride-to-be Hate to Hear

A wedding is the most beautiful thing in one’s life. Perfect Wedding is the dream which every Indian girl dreams of since she is a little girl. The journey of a couple from “Getting Engaged” to “Just Married” is like a roller coaster. Every single day of the ‘engaged-couple’ revolves around wedding planning and other wedding decisions.

Throughout the journey from getting engaged to getting married, people say a lot of stuff of “To-Do” and “No-to-do things” to the bride-to-be. Since after the day of her ‘Roka ceremony, the neighbors, friends, relatives, colleagues gives a bundle of opinions and advice for her special day. Sometimes all these suggestions become annoying and irritating. Some of them are listed below.

5 Things every Bride-to-be Hate to hear before her Wedding:

1. Are you sure about this guy?

‘Are you are sure about this guy?’

‘Have you made the right choice?’

‘Please think once again, you still have time!’.

‘Will you be able to adjust with his family?’

Things every Bride-to-be hate to hear

Choosing a spouse with whom you can spend the rest of your life is the most crucial decision one makes in his/her life. It’s not easy to find someone with whom you can live happily in the near and distant future. Especially, when it comes to ‘Arrange Marriage’. And when you had made a choice, it’s very irritating to see people asking you weird questions. Before asking such questions to the Bride to be, why don’t people understand that no person has all  the ‘good traits’ as nobody is perfect. It’s good to be concerned for someone, but interfering in one’s life and a decision isn’t good at all.

2. You should lose some weight.

 things every bride-to-be hate to hear

In the world of Selfie, we all are obsessed with photography. A lot of people holds this myth that only slim girls look beautiful. That’s why they keep on advising the “Bride-to-be’ to lose some weight to look more pretty in the wedding lehenga and the photographs which she’ll cherish forever. In reality, Beauty has no relation to weight. Inner beauty is much more important than looks.

3. Learn to cook all his favorite dishes.

‘Ohh.. he likes sweets! So, have you learned how to make gajar ka halwa and Laddos ?’

Things every Bride-to-be hate to hear


There is an old saying “Pati Ke Dil ka rasta unke Pet se Jata hai“. So if you want to make a special place for yourself in your husband’s heart, you should definitely learn to cook all his favorites. I use to believe the same thing earlier. But after 4 years of my successful married life, I can say that this is not true. Even if you don’t know how to cook “Maggie’, you can still become your husband’s life and perfect wife.



4. Do not spend much on your wedding Lehenga.

‘How many times will you wear this lehenga? Is it really worth to spend some 60 K or 1-2 Lakh on the  lehenga which you’ll wear for just a couple of hours?’

things every bride-to-be hate to hear

Every girl dreams to wear a perfect wedding lehenga on her special day. Choosing that perfect wedding lehenga is the most important and difficult task for a ‘Bride-to-be’. The color, design, style, fabric, pattern, designer stores of the town, etc becomes an important discussion in the family. The Friends and Colleagues usually advise following the lehenga style of the most recent Bride from Bollywood.  The neighbors and relatives advise to not to spend much on the wedding lehenga.  All these things and not-required suggestions bring more difficulty to the bride-to-be in selecting her dream lehenga.

5. Make sure you greet all the elders like a ‘Sanskari Bahu’

Things every Bride-to-be hate to hear

In India, we don’t only marry a man, we marry his whole family. Needless to say, she is expected to live up to the expectations of the family members of her husband’s family. Since ages, girls are being judged on what clothes she wears, at what time she wakes up in the morning, how well she follows touching elder’s feets pratha and so on. This is the reason why people say this thing to a Bride-to-be.

So, next time when you meet an engaged girl, make sure you do not say such things every bride-to-be hate to hear !