11 Inventions by a woman you might not be aware of!

Inventions by Women

Women have been proving their power, skills, knowledge, and talent for ages. They’ve been receiving public recognition and securing a respectable image now and then in this Man’s world.

There are many inventions done by a woman that changed our lives and I’m sure you must not be aware of a few. So, to increase your knowledge and prove women’s power once again, below is the list of remarkable inventions done by a woman.

1. Windshield Wipers- A blessing for the car drivers

Inventions by women

Mary Anderson– an American real estate developer made a valuable contribution to the world when she saw people struggling to drive cars in winters and rainy days. Although, she didn’t know how to drive!

2. Disposable Diapers- A blessing for parents

Inventions by Women

I request all the parents to thanks Marion Donovan for her indispensable invention which made parenting and dealing with your child’s nature call an easy task.

3. Dishwashers

“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.”

Inventions by Women

Josephine Cochrane’s invention is a life-saver in washing dishes.

4. The most popular 90’s game- Monopoly!

Inventions by Women

Many of us have played the ‘Monopoly’ game in our childhood. This interesting game was developed by Elizabeth J. Phillips– an American game designer and Georgist with intent to spread knowledge & awareness about tax frauds, land grabbing, etc.

5. Call Waiting & Caller Id

Inventions by Women

Another famous women inventor: Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson-an American physicist, gave birth to Call waiting and caller Id. Because of her deep research, we’re able to determine who is calling us and verify when a person is busy or speaking to someone else.

6. Home Security System- Reason you feel safe today!

Inventions by Women

Marie Van Brittan Brown– an African-American inventor invented the home security system. She got the idea of building a security system when she wanted to feel and keep herself safe in the world full of criminals.

7. Ice Cream Maker

Inventions by Women

Nancy Johnson was an American politician. She is the woman behind the invention of the very first ice cream maker, first operated in 1843. And you’ll be surprised to know that this machine is used till date for churning ice creams.To all the ice cream lovers, please thank her!

8. Folding Bed

Inventions by Women

Sarah E. Goode’s folding bed was a great contribution to the people struggling with limited space in their homes and offices.

In 1885, she was the first African-American woman who got a U.S. patent.

9. The paper Bag


Inventions By Women

“Say No to Plastic bags and use paper bags instead”. This became possible because of a cotton mill worker: Margaret Knight.

Inventions By Women

10. Liquid paper

Inventions by Women

Bette Nesmith Graham, a single mother working at the Texas Bank and Trust in Dallas invented this white tempera paint to hide her typing errors. After spending years in getting perfection in her invented formula, she patented Liquid paper in 1958. And surprisingly, she got this idea from her kitchen.

11. Spread Spectrum Technology

Inventions by Women

Hedy Lamarr– an American film actress invented Spread Spectrum Technology. The wi-fi without which we all can’t survive is because of Lamarr’s “frequency hopping” invention.